Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is an ear piercing done on the tragus of the ear, a small projection located in front of the ear canal. Many people have this area prominent enough to allow for a small piercing to be made. Tragus piercing is among the most popular ear cartilage piercings and it’s ideal for those looking for a more unusual yet discreet ear piercing. The procedure is not complex but it is important to be done properly, with piercing needles and not with a piercing gun.

Keep in mind that a tragus piercing can be done with a straight or a curved needle, which will dictate the shape of the hole and the jewelry you can wear. Typical jewelry for a tragus piercing is small and discreet because the area itself cannot withstand large and heavy jewelry pieces. The chosen jewelry should accommodate the piercing hole. Those who are pierced with a curved needle will need a curved jewelry style, such as a small gauge Captive Bead Ring. Those who are pierced with a straight needle will need a straight jewelry style, such as a stud or a small barbell. It is important to match your tragus jewelry with the shape of the hole to avoid discomfort and injuries to your piercing.