Tongue Splitting / Bifurcation

Tongue Splitting / Bifurcation is a procedure in which the tongue is split centrally to create a forked appearance or, as it is sometimes called, a “snake tongue”. This modification creates two tongue segments, left and right, that can be controlled separately. Tongue splitting/bifurcation is probably the most common bifurcation modification among those who enjoy more extreme forms of modification than simple piercings and tattoos. With tongue splitting, the tongue is cur centrally to create two halves. The depth of the cut depends on many factors, including the client’s preferences. However, it is important to note that it should not go all the way to the point where the tongue meets the base of the mouth since it can create additional problems.

Since this type of body modification is relatively complex, it is important that it is performed by a highly knowledgeable individual such as an oral surgeon. There are several ways to achieve tongue splitting/bifurcation and oral surgery with a laser is the most common one. Other methods include expanding an existing tongue piercing into a bifurcation and scalpelling of the tongue with a blade. Healing time depends a lot on the method used. If tongue splitting is achieved with a laser, it should heal in about a month. It is highly recommended for this procedure to be done by an oral surgeon since an experienced doctor can minimize the risks associated by this body modification. If done properly, tongue splitting/bifurcation should not affect the speech or eating.