Titanium Jewellery

Titanium jewellery is an excellent piercing jewelry choice. Titanium is a great material for making body jewelry: it is strong, resistant, durable and smooth, and most importantly safe for the body. This material has many advantages to those looking for high-quality jewelry so it can be used for different jewellery types. One of the best things about titanium is that this is an elemental metal so it doesn’t contain numerous alloys and additions that can harm the body by causing allergies or other issues. Titanium jewelry is so safe that it is recommended for new piercing in healing, as well as for individuals who have problems with allergies. This is why titanium is such a popular material for body jewelry. There are many different jewelry types that are made from titanium so numerous piercings can use this high-quality titanium jewellery.

Titanium also has additional benefits as a body jewelry material. It is very lightweight, which is great for those who dislike heavy jewelry but still want metal body jewelry pieces. This is also very important for those with stretched piercings who need to use large gauge jewelry pieces. Another great thing about titanium is that it can be anodized to produce various vibrant colors without any dues or harmful chemicals. Colors you can get in this way are green, yellow, copper, purple, gold, fuchsia, as well as multi-colored rainbow pieces. The only notable colors titanium jewellery cannot have with anodization are red and black.