Titanium Flesh Tunnels

Titanium flesh tunnels are jewelry pieces specially designed for large gauge jewelry. These flesh tunnels are ideal for stretched earlobes but some people also use them for other types of stretched piercings. Titanium is a great material for piercing jewelry because it is hypo-allergenic and very safe for the body. This is an elemental metal so it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as nickel. This is why titanium is a great material for initial piercing jewelry. It also works great for newly stretched piercings that are still recovering from stretching. This is why titanium flesh tunnels are so good and make a great choice for stretched earlobe piercings. Another great thing about titanium is that it is lightweight. This is important because flesh tunnels are large jewelry pieces so having lightweight jewelry definitely contributes to comfort. Flesh tunnels are among the most popular jewelry pieces for stretched piercings, particularly stretched earlobes. While they come in many different materials, titanium flesh tunnels truly offer something extra.

One great thing about titanium flesh tunnels is that they can come in many vibrant colors. Titanium can be anodized to produce many colors, all without using any chemicals or dyes. It is also possible to make a rainbow piece through anodization. This makes titanium flesh tunnels very attractive and effective when worn in stretched earlobes. There are also titanium flesh tunnels with gems, ideal for those who want a super-stylish piece.