Titanium Clip-In Accessories

Titanium clip-in accessories are special additions that can easily be attached to body jewelry to make it more attractive. Titanium clip-in accessories include beads, charms, cylinders and other additions for your jewelry. This is one of the best and quickest way to enhance your existing jewelry and to make it look different. Instead of buying new jewelry pieces you can make your old jewelry look stunning and new with the help of clip-in accessories. These accessories are made of titanium so they are safe for the body and very comfortable. There are many different titanium clip-in accessories you can try and many different body jewelry pieces that can use them.

Depending on the accessory, you will need a Captive Bead Ring (also known as Ball Capture Ring) or a similar jewelry piece to attach the accessory. These accessories come with indents so it is easy to add them to your CBRs. However, there are also titanium clip-in accessories that work with different mechanisms so you can add them to almost any body jewelry piece, such as barbells or different types of rings. These titanium clip-in accessories typically come in many vibrant colors since titanium can be anodized to produce various colors. These colors are completely safe because they don’t contain any dyes or coatings. This is a great way to add some color to your body jewelry pieces and to make them even more stylish and attractive.