Titanium Circular Barbells

Titanium circular barbells are beautiful jewelry pieces made for many different piercings. These circular barbells are made of titanium so they come in many exciting colors and ball sizes. The basic design of titanium circular barbells is very popular: these barbells have a shaft that has a shape of a horseshoe. It resembles a circle but it doesn’t make a full circle the way rings do. It is open at the ends. There is a bead on each end that is internally threaded to the body of the barbell. Since these beautiful barbells are made of titanium they are very safe and hypoallergenic so you can use them for new piercings in healing. There are many different piercings that can use titanium circular barbells, such as septum piercings, some ear piercings, nipple piercings, navel piercings and many genital piercings. Wherever you can use a piercing ring chances are that you can also use a circular barbell.

Titanium circular barbells are very beautiful and elegant. Since titanium can be anodized, these circular barbells come in many different colors, all without any dyes or chemicals. They come in several popular types: classic, Big Ballin, Build Your Own and Double Gem. Regular circular barbells are the ones described above; they have two smooth beads. Double gem titanium circular barbells have beads with shiny gems. Big Ballin titanium circular barbells come with extra large balls for a more striking look. Build Your Own titanium circular barbells allow you to fully customice your piece by choosing the shaft color (there are 15 colors available), choosing ball size and ball color (up to a certain size).