Titanium Body Spirals

Titanium body spirals are body jewelry pieces that can be used for many different piercing types. These include spiral barbells and other spiral jewelry pieces made of titanium. It is important to remember that titanium is an excellent body jewelry material. It offers numerous advantages. This is a very safe and durable material so it is ideal even for initial jewelry. While titanium body spirals are typically not used for new piercings in healing it is important to remember that titanium jewelry is super-safe and comfortable. Titanium is an elemental metal so it doesn’t contain alloys. It means that it is hypo-allergenic and safe for the body. One great thing about titanium body spirals is that they will not give you allergies. Another advantage of titanium as a body jewelry material is that it is lightweight. It means that titanium body spirals are comfortable and much lighter than other metal jewelry.

Titanium body spirals are ideal for many different piercings. They can be used for any piercing that can accommodate spiral jewelry. In addition to spiral barbells, there are other spiral designs you can use. Some titanium body spirals come with smooth beads while others include shiny gems or other decorations. These spirals can be very attractive so they make a great addition to your piercing.