Threadless Jewelry

Threadless Jewelry is a body jewelry that doesn’t use threads. There are two types of threadless jewelry you can use: jewelry pieces that never use threads and those that are specially designed to avoid threads. There are many body jewelry pieces that almost never use threaded parts. Body piercing rings, for example, are generally designed without any threads. This is particularly true for Captive Bead Rings. These rings consist of a loop and a special bead that can be popped in and out of the piercing without a problem. These rings don’t use any threaded parts.

On the other hand, there are certain types of body piercing jewelry that typically use threaded parts. The most popular of them all are barbells. These barbells consist of a body (bar) and two beads, one on the each side. The beads are attached to the bar with threading. However, certain barbells are designed without beads. These are threadless jewelry pieces that use a pop in and pop out design to attach the bead to the bar of the jewelry.These threadless barbells use tension between the end with the bead and the post to fit in together. Instead of a simple bead, there is a small insertion pin that is inserted into the bar. This is somewhat similar to the threaded rod on the internally threaded barbells but instead of the threading, the jewelry is held together with the shape of the rod. The rod is typically slightly curved for straight barbells or straight for curved and circular ones so it prevents the bead from falling out. While this threadless jewelry design is not the most popular, there are certain jewelry pieces manufactured in this way so it is important to know about them if you want to choose the right jewelry for your piercings.