Third Eye

Third eye is a piercing that is a variation of a bridge piercing. This is actually a very high bridge piercing that is done vertically between the eyebrows. This piercing is a surface piercing and is known as a third eye piercing, though some people call it high bridge piercing, Bindi piercing, vertical bridge piercing or unicorn piercing. As a surface piercing, third eye piercing is prone to migrations, rejections and other problems that surface piercings face. As such, third eye is not really a permanent piercing but you can prolong its life by careful aftercare and cleaning. This piercing can look very effective because it mimics facial jewelry. A third eye piercing is both discreet because it is small and noticeable because it is located between the eyebrows. Keep in mind that these piercing needs to be done at the very center of the forehead between the eyebrows or the symmetry of face will be affected.

Third eye piercing is not considered particularly painful. Healing time is between 4 and 6 months, though many third eye piercings heal faster. Keep in mind to clean your piercing regularly to minimize the risk of infections and other problems. Typical jewelry for a third eye piercing is curved barbells and surface bars.