Testicles Stretching

Testicles stretching, also known as ball stretching and testicular stretching, is a practice of elongating one’s scrotum. This is typically achieved with the use of special devices known as ball stretchers and ball weights. There are many reasons why men would want to stretch their balls. The most common reason is to have low hanging balls, which many people regard as more attractive. Ball stretching can make your balls hang very low. Another common reason for ball stretching is the feeling: many people find ball stretchers pressing on their scrotum very arousing and pleasurable. Some men say that wearing ball stretchers makes the orgasm more intense and longer-lasting. Finally, some men decide to try testicles stretching for the kink or a specific fetish they have.

Ball stretching is more common than some people think. If you wish to try testicular stretching it is very important to use only proper devices known as ball stretchers and ball weights. They are specially designed for the purpose of ball stretching. This is the only way to stay safe during ball stretching and to achieve effective results. Ball stretching is a process that takes time but it can produce very noticeable results. Please note that testicles stretching is rarely permanent but with a good effort you can make the results more permanent and effective.