Testicle Weight

Testicle weight is a special weight positioned around testicles for the purpose of scrotum stretching. A testicle weight makes the scrotum elongated, which produced impressive low-hanging balls. This is part of the larger procedure known as scrotum stretching or testicle stretching. In order to truly stretch your balls and have those low-hangers it is important to invest a lot of time and effort. This is not something you can do overnight: scrotum stretching requires dedication and patience. It might take months or even more to achieve the goal of having truly stretched balls. However, not all people use testicle weights for such a pronounced stretching: some people just like the feeling of stretching devices applied around their balls or incorporate ball stretching in their BDSM games.

There are two main types of testicle weights: metal and leather. A metal testicle weight should be made of a high-quality, safe metal so it doesn’t irritate testicles or cause further problems. There are many different types of metal ball weights that are positioned around the scrotum. The most popular testicle weight made of metal is ring or donut shaped. Metal testicles weights can be stacked to increase the weight applied to the scrotum. A testicle weight made of leather is typically less effective but it does provide some stretching. Some leather testicle stretchers come with small metal weights inside to increase the weight applied to the testicles and improve the results.