Testicle Skewering

Testicle skewering is a type of CBT (cock and ball torture) in which needless are passed through testicles. This is an extreme play that brings significant risks so one should be very careful when attempting it. Testicle skewering is reserved for those who appreciate painful pleasures, extreme play and CBT. Typically, one or both testicles are temporarily pierced with a long needle. Most people use hypodermic needles or long needles but some people opt for real skewers. Keep in mind that piercing directly through a testicle can be very dangerous, particularly if you hit vas deferens. It can lead to numerous complications, including serious infections or infertility. This is why it’s important to get informed about all aspects of testicle skewering before you attempt it.

Also, it is crucial to use only fully sterile needles and other instruments. Since infections of testicles are common with this sort of play, it is important to do everything you can to prevent them. Infections can grow quickly inside of a testicle and cause a lot of serious trouble so you need to take extra measures to make sure that all of the needless are sterile. Also, it is best to use surgical gloves and to clean and sterilize the area before engaging in testicular skewering. Since this is an extreme play and a form of torture, make sure to seek medical attention immediately if anything goes wrong. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your partner during testicle skewering and other extreme play.