Testicle Ring

Testicle ring can refer to two very different things: a cock ring around testicles and body jewelry ring on a testicle piercings. Both of these things are very popular and common, so it is important to know more about them. A testicle ring as a cock ring is a sex toy that is used to enhance the erections and makes the experience more arousing for the wearer. A typical cock ring goes around the base of the penis and restricts the blood flow slightly, which makes for a harder and stronger erections. A testicle cock ring goes around testicles and it works to stimulate the area. Some testicle rings go around both the base of the penis and testicles while others go around testicles only. There are some rings that go around individual testicles or work to slightly separate testicles for a very specific sensation.

The other meaning of the term “testicle ring” refers to a body jewelry ring that is used for a testicle piercing. There are many male genital piercings that can be done on the testicles. The most popular one is Hafada. These are piercings done on the skin of the scrotum. These are surface piercings and do not go through the testicle tissue. Still, a jewelry ring on this spot is known as a testicle ring. Typically, Hafada piercings use Captive Bead Rings but other types of rings are also popular.