Testical Weights

Testical weights are specially designed weights that go around the scrotum for the purpose of testicular stretching. Testical weights come in many shapes but they are typically round and made of Surgical Steel. Testicular stretching, also known as ball stretching or scrotum stretching, produces elongated scrotum that makes testicles hang very low. This is aesthetically pleasing to people who practice ball stretching and can also produce erotic sensations. This is why there are many different types of testical weights people can choose for their ball stretching. Those who want to get impressive low hangers generally use metal testical weights, but it is important to note that these sex toys also come in leather.

A typical design of a testical weight is ring-shaped or round. Such a weight has two sides and it attaches around the scrotum in different ways. Other testical weights are bigger (taller) and cover more of the scrotum. There are also smaller metal weights inside leather ball stretchers. These ball stretching devices are lighter and ideal for those who don’t want their testical weights to be super-heavy. Testical weights are mainly used for the purpose of ball stretching but they can also make very effective CBT (cock and ball torture) devices for those who are into BDSM and painful pleasures.