Surgical Steel

Surgical steel is one of the most popular body jewelry materials: it is safe for the body and does not produce allergies. Surgical steel is a type of a stainless steel with special alloys that improve the characteristics of this metal. Keep in mind that some of the alloys used in steel may include nickel, which can be dangerous because of the possible nickel-related allergies. This is why generic stainless steel should not be used for body jewelry. This is why surgical steel is a special form of a stainless steel that is approved to be used for things like implants, jewelry and other highly sensitive items that go inside the body.

The only safe grades of surgical steel that should be used for body jewelry are the 316L and 316L Surgical steel. These are low-carbon surgical steel materials. While these materials do contain some alloys but these are trapped inside the material through a special process so they cannot be released. It means that you will be safe even if you have allergies because there is no release of alloys. Out of the two grades, the 316L is the superior one and recommended for body jewelry. This is considered a medical-grade surgical steel and will work for a large majority of users.