Surgical Skin Marker

Surgical skin marker is a marker used for labeling the skin during surgeries. This marker is also used for piercings and other body modifications, to mark the spot that should be pierced. It is very important to have a high-quality, safe surgical skin marker. While piercings and other body modifications are not surgeries, they also open up the skin and tissue so these need to be safe for the body. Surgeons use surgical skin markers to create tracing lines and other marks on the skin. Piercing artists, on the other hand, use surgical skin markers mainly for marking the spot that should be pierced. Often times, there are more than one spot to be marked, so this is why it is important to always have a surgical skin marker ready.

It is crucial that a piercing artist use a proper surgical skin marker. Such a marker has to be clean and non-toxic. In other words, it should be completely safe for the body. The best surgical skin markers are latex-free. These markers are non-tattooing and should be ultra-fine so they can mark even the smallest spots. This is very important for piercings, since many piercings are done at a small gauge so the spot has to be marked with great precision.