Surface Anchor Holder Tool

Surface anchor holder tool is a special tool used for holding and positioning of the dermal anchors. Typical tools used for this purpose are small forceps but other types of tools can also be used. Surface anchors, also known as dermal anchors, are typical jewelry pieces specially made for dermal piercings. Unlike regular piercings that have two holes, dermal piercings have only one hole. Jewelry for this piercing goes under the skin with only the tip of the jewelry protruding from the hole. This tip is the decorative part of the jewelry that people see. However, in order for this jewelry to stay in place and to prevent migrations and rejections, something has to hold it in place. The tip of the jewelry is held in place by the body of the jewelry piece that is located under the skin. These are known as surface anchors or dermal anchors. They are positioned under the skin where they get anchored as the piercing heals. Since the jewelry is stuck under the skin it cannot move. The decorative tips of these dermal anchors can be changed so it can look like the jewelry itself is changing. However, the anchor itself stays in place. It cannot be easily changed and it typically requires a professional piercer to put it in place or to remove it.

Since dermal anchors are so small and need to be positioned carefully, it is important to use proper tools. This is why surface anchor holder tool is so important. This tool is used to pick up a surface anchor and to position it carefully under the skin. Typically, small forceps is used for this purpose but there are also special tools designed for holding and positioning of dermal anchors. It is important that a surface anchor holder tool is small enough so it can be used for small piercing holes and small dermal anchors. All professional piercers and reliable studios need to have a surface anchor holder tool so they can perform these procedures safely and without problems.