Straight Barbell

Straight barbell is a popular body jewelry style that can go with many different piercings. Also known as a “standard barbell”, straight barbell is comfortable, elegant and attractive. The basic design of a straight barbell includes a straight shaft with a ball on each end. The balls can be plain and elegant or colorful and more ornamented. Certain straight barbells have very small balls while others use extra large balls for special effects. Straight barbells are among the most popular body jewelry types so there is always a great variety to choose from. They come in many different sizes and materials. The most common straight barbell materials are Surgical Steel, titanium and 14k nickel-free gold. Straight barbells work for many different piercing types, such as ear piercings, nipple piercings, tongue piercings, as well as several types of genital piercings.

There is a special type of a straight barbell known as “Industrial barbell”. These barbells resemble typical straight barbells in design but they are much longer than standard barbells. Their long shaft is made to accommodate longer piercings such as Industrial piercings. Industrial piercings consist of two piercing holes that are connected by the same jewelry piece – a long straight barbell. Long straight barbells (Industrial barbells) are sometimes used for other types of extra long piercings, such as penis piercings.