Sterilization is a process of removing any dirt, bacteria, microorganisms and any other harmful substances from a material. Sterilization can be performed on body jewelry, tools and sex toys, as well as many other instruments, devices and items. Sterilization is crucial for body piercings because it ensures client safety and minimizes health problems associated with piercings. You should never get pierced in a studio that doesn’t have a proper sterilization equipment (yes, you can ask them about it!) Sterilization goes further than simple cleaning and can achieve a greater level of safety than just by rubbing jewelry and toys with alcohol. Professionals use autoclave machines for sterilization, which is the only completely safe way to go. At home, you may try to sterilize your metal sex toys by boiling them in hot water and leaving them to cool and dry. This is not an ideal method but it can often achieve its purpose. However, keep in mind that this method can be used only for sex toys one person will use at one time. It is not a good method for body jewelry or other items you want to share with someone.

A reliable piercing studio should have an autoclave. The autoclave is used for sterilizing instruments after each use, so they are safe for the clients. The autoclave can also be used to sterilize other items, such as jewelry, sex toys and many other tools and devices. It is crucial that the piercing studio has an autoclave that is properly maintained. These machines have to pass an inspection so make sure to always ask about the professional report on the autoclave before you decide to get pierced at a particular studio.