Sterilization pouches

Sterilization pouches are special devices made for storing sterilized tools and other items. Piercers use sterilization pouches to store piercing tools and sterilized jewelry before use. While sterilization pouches are, first and foremost, medical devices, they have a wide use in the piercing industry. These pouches can be made from many different materials, such as paper, plastic, nylon, and more. The materials are chosen for their ability to protect the tool and keep it sterile before use. Sterilization pouches are generally used for storage: the tools and items within the pouch stay sterile before they are ready to use. This is important because it is not always possible to use all of the tools and other devices as soon as they are sterilized. This is where sterilization pouches come in handy.

Sterilization pouches are widely used in the piercing industry. All of the tools and other devices that are re-used in the piercing studio need to be properly sterilized using the autoclave. Once they are autoclaved, the tools are placed in the sterilization pouches before they are used. Sterilization pouches come in many shapes so they can hold a wide range of piercing tools. Sterilization pouches are also used for storing sterilized jewelry pieces after autoclaving. The jewelry is kept inside of the pouches before they are ready to be used.