Sterile Field

Sterile field is an area on the body that is properly sterilized and surgical drapes are placed around it before the procedure. A sterile field is typically created during surgeries but it can be used for some other procedures, such as piercings and other body modifications. To create a sterile field, it is important to follow safety procedures. This is crucial for creating aseptic environment, that is, the one without any microorganisms. It is important because skin needs to be sterile before a piercing procedure to prevent infections and other problems. Typically, the piercer cleans the client’s skin and applies an antiseptic. This is done to eliminate microorganisms from the skin’s surface so they don’t get inside of the new piercing.

Depending on the piercing or the type of body modification, a piercer may place surgical drapes around the sterile site. The drapes need to be sterile to ensure that there is no chance of contamination. This is the best way to keep a sterile field truly clean and sterile. Once a sterile field is prepared, only sterile instruments and objects can come in contact with it. This further prevents contamination and other possible problems. In order to stay safe make sure to go only to piercing studios that are dedicated to the highest safety standards, which includes proper sterilization. This is the only way to stay safe and to be happy with your new piercing.