Spiral Tapers

Spiral tapers are special stretching instruments for those who want to stretch their earlobes and other piercings. Unlike typical tapers that are straight, spiral tapers come with a curve that ensures a gradual stretching experience. Also, spiral tapers look very attractive so they can double as jewelry pieces for your stretched earlobes. Some spiral tapers have a shape of a crescent while others have a full spiral. These tapes are thinner on one side and thicker in the middle. This allows for gradual stretching: simply insert a spiral taper into your piercing and then slowly move the taper toward the middle in the next few days. This allows you to slowly stretch your piercing to the next size. This provides a very comfortable stretching experience and allows you to stretch at your own pace.

Spiral tapers and crescents can also double as effective jewelry. They are large gauge jewelry pieces, so they are ideal for stretched earlobes, though you may use them for other stretched piercings. Some spiral tapers are made of organic materials, such as glass, stone, wood, horn and bone. This gives a very attractive quality to your jewelry pieces. Other spiral tapers are made of Surgical Steel. These tapers are very varied so you can find the one that suits you best.