Spider Bites Piercing

Spider bites piercing is a combination of two lip piercings done close together on the corner of the lower lip. Spider bites piercing, also known as Viper bites, is a variation of the so-called “bites piercings”. Bites piercings are lip piercings that are done in pairs or groups at specific placements. Each individual piercing that makes a bites piercing is a regular lip piercing. However, all piercings that will make a specific bites piercing are typically done at the same time and fitted with identical jewelry so they are seen as a pair or a group.

Spider bites piercing consists of a pair of lip piercings. These two individual lip piercings are done on the side of the lower lip, either right or left. The piercings are done close together: one typically near the corner of the mouth and the other a bit lower on the lip. This way, the person gets two piercings on one side of the lower lip. You can choose either the left or the right side of the lower lip to get your Spider bites piercing. If you decide to get a pair of Spider bites piercings on both sides of the lower lip it actually creates a new bites piercing, called Shark bites. Typical jewelry for the individual lip piercings that make a Spider bites piercing is a labret stud or, in rarer cases, a Captive Bead Ring.