Sounding Kit

Sounding kit is a handy collection of urethral sounds you can use for pleasure. There are many different types of sounding kits to choose from, so it depends on your preferences and experience level. A typical sounding kit contains 4 to 8 sounds, though larger kits with 10,12 or even more sounds are not unheard of. Most sounding kits contain sounds of the same type (for example, Hegar sounds, Van Buren sounds and so on). The sounds in the kit come in many different diameters, ranging from very thin ones to extra thick ones and everything in between. Depending on the type of urethral sounds in the kit, the sounds may have ends of a different size (thickness). For these cases, it basically means that with one sounding kit you get double the number of sizes. For example, if a sounding kit contains 8 double-ended sounds, you can get 16 sizes to experiment with.

When using toys from a sounding kit, make sure to choose the size carefully. Beginners should be particularly careful because sounds that are too thin or too thick can hurt the urethra and cause a lot of trouble. Generally speaking, it is safest to start with a sound that is about the same size as your urethra. In other words, the width of your urethra should match the thickness of the sound. In order to make a sound go in without trouble or discomfort, always make sure to use sterile lube. This is the only way to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.