Snake Bites Piercing

Snake bites piercing is a combination of two lip piercings done on the lower lip, one on the each side of the lip. This way, these two piercings are seen as a pair that makes the whole Snake bites piercing. Snake bites are the most popular among all of the so-called “bites piercings”. Bites piercings are lip piercings that are done in pairs or groups to create specific placements. All bites piercings consist of regular lip piercings so the placement is what makes for a special name and type of a bites piercing. Out all of the bites piercings, Snake bites is probably the most famous. It is done on the lower lip and it looks very attractive even with the plain jewelry inserted so it’s not surprising that this piercing type is very common among all fans of lip piercings.

To create a Snake bites piercing, it is important to perform two separate piercings on the lower lip. The piercings are done near the corners of the mouth, one on the each side of the lower lip. These individual piercings make a Snake bites piercing. Typical jewelry for the individual lip piercings that make a Snake bites piercing are labret studs or, rarer, Captive Bead Rings. This is a very effective placement that attracts a lot of attention.