Smiley Piercing

Smiley piercing is a rare oral piercing done on the frenulum inside the upper lip. As such, the jewelry sits above the front teeth so you can only see it when the person smiles, hence the name. The frenulum of the upper lip is a thin piece of skin that goes from the lip to the upper gums. Its purpose is to add support to the upper lip and keep it securely attached to the gums. Since this piece of tissue is very thin it can be pierced easily. Once it is pierced, the jewelry sits on top of the front teeth. This placement is very special, particularly because you can’t easily see the piercing unless the person smiles or talks. This adds a bit of novelty to the whole thing.

As a type of a piercing, Smiley piercing is categorized as an oral piercing because it is fully located inside of the mouth. This is not a particularly complex nor can extreme piercing so even beginners enjoy it a lot. It heals very quickly, in about 4 to 5 weeks. Typical jewelry for Smiley piercing is a small gauge Captive Bead Ring. Since the tissue that is pierced is thin and gentle it is important that the jewelry used is not too heavy.