Single-Point Piercing

Single-point piercing, also known as dermal piercing or micro dermal piercing, is a special type of piercing that is created on a flat surface. Instead of two holes, it only has one and is sustained using a dermal anchor underneath the skin. Single-point piercings can be very effective and they have some major differences compared to other piercing types. A typical piercing has an entry hole and an exit hole and the jewelry goes between these two holes. A single-point piercing, on the other hand, has only one hole. Single-point piercings are typically done on flat surfaces of the skin.

To make a single-point piercing, the skin is punched or opened in a different way so dermal anchor can be inserted. This is the typical single-point piercing jewelry style. Dermal anchors are installed under the skin to keep jewelry in place and piercing hole opened. A typical dermal anchor has a wider body that goes under the skin while the top goes out of the skin so it is visible on the skin’s surface. These tops can be decorated in numerous ways to attract attention. For example, there are dermal anchor tops with gems and other decorative elements. Since a dermal anchor stays under the skin at all times and cannot be easily removed by the user, there are many dermal anchors with removable tops. In this way, you can change the look of your single-point piercing and make it seem that you use a different jewelry piece for it.