Silver Nipple Shields

Silver nipple shields are beautiful jewelry pieces specially designed for nipple piercings. These shields encircle a nipple, making it stand out. Nipple shields are typically richly ornamented so these jewelry pieces are ideal for special circumstances or when you wish to attract your lover. Silver nipple shields are carefully designed to show elegant yet shiny workmanship. Many of the designs on the shield are tender and make for attractive patterns. This is the goal: the shield encircles the nipple and puts it a full display. The shield itself goes around the nipple o make the whole piercing more attractive. Nipple shields truly make any nipple piercing stand out.

Generally speaking, there are two types of nipple shields: with and without the barbell. The barbell itself goes through the piercing while the shield goes around the nipple and doesn’t touch the piercing. This is important for silver nipple shields. As you probably know, some people are sensitive to Sterling silver so it can cause allergies. This is particularly true if silver is inserted into the piercing. However, there is no danger with silver nipple shields. In the case of a silver nipple shield, only the shield itself is made of silver. The barbell that goes inside of the piercing is typically made of a different material that is safe for the body. On the other hand, silver as a material is great for creating all those elegant patterns that could not be achieved with a different metal. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a safe jewelry piece and a stunning decoration.