Silicone is a special polymer that can make a great body jewelry material. Keep in mind that only medical-grade silicone should be used for body jewelry. There are many different types of silicones. Silicone is a polymer made of siloxane, which consists of silicon and oxygen. This polymer is relatively soft and rubber-like. Various types of silicones have a wide application in many industries. Silicones are used for insulation or to make sealants and adhesives.

Of course, one of the most popular uses of silicone is in medicine. Only medical grade silicone can be used for medical application. Medical-grade silicone is probably the most famous because of the breast implants but this type of silicone can also be used as a body jewelry material. Silicone jewelry is soft and flexible, so it is very comfortable. Another good thing about silicone is that it is lightweight and jewelry made of this material can be used where metal jewelry is not allowed. Also, silicone body jewelry can be autoclaved, which is another advantage. However, silicone jewelry might not be ideal for long-term wear so this is something you should keep in mind. It is also important to clean body jewelry with anti-bacterial soap and warm water before you insert it into the piercing.