Sharps Container

Sharps container is a special container used to dispose of piercing needles and other sharp items. These needles and items belong to the biomedical waste and they need to be disposed of following certain protocols. There are very specific rules on how to dispose of sharps. Keep in mind that these items are biohazardous waste so there is a pre-defined way to dispose of these materials. Using a sharps container ensures safe disposal of all used piercing needles and other tools in the piercing studio. There are many different tools and items used in a piercing studio that can be classified as sharps: piercing needles, dermal punches, various sharps, blades and other items. These materials are considered contaminated after use so it is important to dispose them of carefully and following all the safety guidelines.

Using a sharps container helps keeping everyone safe.In order to safely dispose of a needle using a sharps container, simply drop the needle through an opening in the top of the container. Sharps containers are generally brightly colored, typically in red or yellow. A sharps container is typically made of plastic. Many of them are disposable and can be used only once. These sharps containers are simply disposed of along with the materials that they contain. However, there are also reusable sharps containers that can be used many times. Before it is possible to use a sharps container again, it is necessary for the container to be emptied and properly sterilized.