Septum (more precisely, nasal septum) is part of the nose that separates two nostrils. This is a very common piercing spot: septum piercing is one of the most attractive facial piercings in the world. Septum mainly consists of thin cartilage that separates the right and the left nostril. In front of this cartilage is a very thin piece of tissue without cartilage. Nose septum is visible from the outside because it clearly separates the nostrils. As noted above, this is a great place for a piercing: septum piercing is among the most common nose piercings in the world.

Septum piercing is a popular nose piercing that is done on the thin piece of skin between two nostrils. It is important to note that the cartilage between the nostrils is not pierced so this is not a particularly painful nor complex piercing. Septum piercing looks very attractive and effective, so it is a good choice for both men and women who like nose piercings. Typical jewelry for a septum piercing is a curved barbell or a Captive Bead Ring. Some people also choose to use other types of rings for their septum piercing, such as fixed bead rings, seamless and segment rings, screwball rings, and more.