Septum Keepers

Septum keepers are special jewelry pieces made for retaining your septum piercing. You should use them when you want to hide your piercing or when you are not allowed to use metal jewelry. Septum keepers are also known as septum retainers. These are shaped as regular jewelry pieces but are typically made transparent in color. They are generally made of soft and flexible materials so they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are not made of metal so you might not even feel that they are inserted into your piercing.

There are many reasons why you might need to wear a septum keeper. These jewelry pieces are good for hiding and concealing the piercing, so you might wear them when you need to minimize your piercing. Taking the jewelry out is generally not a good idea because it may lead to the hole shrinking. This is why it is much better to use septum keepers. Also, septum keepers are good for all those situations in which you are not allowed to wear metal jewelry. Just keep in mind that septum keepers are generally not designed for long-term wear so you need to replace them with your regular jewelry when you can.