Scrotum Weights

Scrotum weights are specially designed weights made for comfortable yet effective ball stretching. Most scrotum stretching devices come incorporated with at least a few scrotum weights. Some of these devices are completely made of scrotum weights or metal scrotal rings that are attached around the scrotum. There are many different types of scrotum weights you can use for ball stretching. The most effective ball stretchers are the metal ones that generally consist of ring-like or tall scrotum weights. Other types of devices include leather ball stretcher that have smaller metal weights incorporated into the design and special individual weights that users can attach to their ball stretchers for a more intense experience and more pronounced result.

Generally speaking, heavier weights bring more noticeable results but it is important not to go overboard. Too much weight can lead to tissue damage and overstretching, which is not good and can actually set one’s achievement back. This can ruin the progress and results so it is important to be careful about using scrotum weights. Also, if you want to use scrotum weights, make sure that they are specially designed for ball stretching. Never use random weights or other items that are not designed for the ball stretching purposes.