Scrotum Piercing

Scrotum piercing is a male genital piercing done on the skin of the scrotum. These piercings do not go through the scrotal tissue so they can be seen as surface piercings on the skin of the scrotum. This is different than a piercing that goes through the whole scrotal tissue: these are much more serious and extreme piercings known as transscrotal procedures. Regular scrotal piercings, on the other hand, are not particularly complex nor painful to perform, since they only affect the surface of the scrotal skin. Since the skin is very loose on the scrotum they don’t migrate or reject as much as other surface piercings so many people enjoy their scrotal piercings for a long time.

The most popular type of a scrotum piercing is Hafada. This is a piercing done centrally on the surface of the scrotum, though other placements are also possible. Typical jewelry for a scrotal piercing is a Captive Bead Ring, though there are men who use curved barbells or straight barbells for their scrotal piercings. It is also relatively common to get a so-called “scrotum ladder”, a series of scrotal piercings done in rows centrally on the scrotum. Some of these scrotal ladders are a continuation of frenum ladders that start from the underside of the penis glans and go all the way down the shaft to the base of the penis.