Scrotal Stretching

Scrotal stretching is a process of elongating one’s scrotum. It is also known under other names, such as testicular stretching and ball stretching. The result of a scrotal stretching is a long scrotum and testicles that hang very low. There are many reasons why people might want to try scrotal stretching. Many men claim that long scrotum produces stronger and more intense orgasms. Others enjoy the feeling of stretching itself and the ball weights positioned around the scrotum. It is important to note that scrotal stretching may seem extreme but it doesn’t really need to be painful, unless this is what you want. While ball weights and ball stretchers can be used for cock and ball torture and to cause pain, they are usually not uncomfortable.

The best way to get those low hanging balls is to use proper ball stretching devices. Scrotal stretching is a process that may take months or even years to complete and to produce desired results. This is why you need high-quality stretchers that will keep you safe while providing good results. Keep in mind that scrotal stretching is not truly permanent but a proper approach and dedicating time to stretch your balls can produce better and more permanent results.