Scaffold, better known as Industrial piercing, is a piercing consisting of two separate piercing holes connected by the same jewelry piece. Scaffold piercings are typically made on ears, so they are known as popular ear piercings. However, it is important to know that it is possible to have a scaffold piercing on another body part. At the same time, scaffold piercings are the most popular as ear piercings. A scaffold piercing always consists of two separate piercing holes. They are generally located at different points of the ear cartilage. It means that when a straight barbell is used to connect these two holes, it will produce a very long piercing. It also created a very striking effect. It is not surprising that Industrial piercings are among the most attractive ear piercings you can get. Both men and women can enjoy an attractive scaffold piercing.

Scaffold piercings are very long piercings because they are typically done at opposite parts of the ear. The piercing holes are connected by the same jewelry piece. Since the distance between piercing holes is big, it means that scaffold piercings require long jewelry pieces. Typical jewelry used for these piercings are special long straight barbells. These barbells are also known as Industrial barbells.