Saline Solution

Saline solution is a mix of salt and warm water you can use to clean your new piercings. Cleaning your piercing during healing with a saline solution is a number one aftercare technique you need to perform. A mild saline solution not only cleans your new piercing but also facilitates the healing and helps keeping the piercing problem-free. This is a good solution to use for piercing aftercare because a saline solution cleans your piercing and removes any dirt while keeping your piercing well-hydrated. It is bad to use any harsh chemicals or strong cleaning solutions on your new piercing in healing and this is why a mild saline solution is such a good choice: it is natural and will not be too overwhelming for your body. This is why a nice saline solution is the best thing to use for cleaning your piercing during aftercare.

You can buy a saline solution at a store or even at the piercing studio where you get your piercing done. Alternatively, you can make your own saline solution by following a simple recipe. If you want to make your own saline solution remember to use only non-iodized, fine-grain sea salt. It is important that the solution is not too strong: strong solutions can hurt your skin and be too harsh on your new piercing. When mixing sea salt with warm water, make sure to do it in the proper ratio. The best way to go is to use about ¼ teaspoon of sea salt per 1 cup of warm water. It is always best to prepare one cup at the time so you always have a fresh saline solution to clean your new piercing.