Rosebud Sounds

Rosebud sounds are special urethral toys with a bulbous head made for comfortable yet intense urethral stimulation. These sounds are particularly popular among beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time because they have a relatively thin and short body. This makes Rosebud sounds less intimidating than many other urethral toys. Another good thing about Rosebud sounds is that they are mainly smooth, so they feel very comfortable during use.

Rosebud sounds are famous for their bullet-shaped tips. While the body of a Rosebud sound is very thin, the bulbous head is a bit wider and provide intense stimulation for the urethral walls. This bulbous tip also serves as a safety measure because it makes the sound’s body wider and therefore safer to use. The bulbous tip makes a great stimulator for the urethra because it can nicely hit all the sweet spots. The handle of the Rosebud sounds is relatively long and thicker than the body of the sound, which makes it easy to hold onto the sound and to control it during use. Rosebud sounds are straight so they can be safely inserted and removed even when the penis is erect. All of these things make Rosebud sounds great urethral toys for beginners.