Retainers are special body jewelry pieces made to retain and hide your piercing. Retainers are typically made of soft, transparent materials and are modeled to fit specific piercing types. There are many reasons why you might not be able to wear your regular body jewelry. Sometimes, you cannot wear metal jewelry, such as on the airport, in a hospital or another situation. Wearing retainers is a good idea here. Another reason to wear a retainer is when you want to conceal your piercing and to hide it. Since retainers are typically transparent and not noticeable, they can help your piercing become less visible. While retainers can’t hide a piercing completely they can still conceal it and make it less visible. This is very important in certain situations, such as jobs or any other time when you want to hide your piercing.

There are many different types of retainers. They are typically made of soft yet safe materials so they are lightweight and comfortable. One retainer is generally good for only one type of a piercing so this is something to keep in mind. In other words, retainers have a shape of a typical jewelry for a certain piercing type. For example, navel retainers are typically shaped as curved barbells and so on. Keep in mind that retainers are a great but a temporary solution. They are not made for a long term wear so you need to replace them with your regular jewelry.