Replacement O-Rings

Replacement O-Rings are new O-rings you can use for all your jewelry, typically ear plugs and flesh tunnels. O-rings are a small yet very useful accessory that many different jewelry designs use. These rings are typically used on straight jewelry without flares. An ear plug, flesh tunnel or an earlet can be double flared, which means that it has a bit wider edges so the jewelry stays inside of the piercing without the risk of getting out. However, jewelry pieces without flares are completely smooth and have an even diameter on the entire pierce. It means that they are easier to insert than double flared jewelry pieces but there is a risk of jewelry falling out. This is where O-rings come in handy: O-rings are positioned on the jewelry on both sides of the jewelry piece near the skin. This way, the O-rings prevent the jewelry from falling out. Similarly, single flared jewelry pieces have one flare (on the front) while the back of the jewelry is straight. These jewelry pieces use one O-ring to prevent the jewelry from falling out.

O-rings are small rings made of soft, flexible materials. They are typically black but other colors are also possible. These rings come in many different sizes to accommodate various gauges. Since O-rings are so small and not attached to the jewelry piece they are easy to lose. This is where replacement O-rings come in handy. Replacement O-rings are there to use on your jewelry when you lose the original O-rings. This is the best way to keep your jewelry safely inside and to prevent the loss of your large gauge jewelry.