Receiving Tube

Receiving tube is a common device used in body piercings. This is a hollow tube that receives a needle during a piercing and protects tissue from harm. Receiving tubes are commonly used for certain piercing types where there is a risk of damaging surrounding tissue during the piercing procedure. Some of the most popular piercings that use receiving tubes include Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH), Prince Albert (PA) piercings and a simple nostril piercing.

During the procedure, a receiving tube is pressed against the exit hole so the needle goes inside it and doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue. It is very important to use a receiving tube for all piercings where there is a risk that the needle might catch and damage any part of the tissue when exiting from the pierced hole. A receiving tube is typically made of a surgical steel or another metal that can be made of various flexible and softer materials. Such soft tubes generally cannot be autoclaved so they are made for single use only and are discarded after the procedure is done. Receiving tubes made of metal can be safely sterilized using an autoclave so this is why many piercers use them to great satisfaction.