Rattlebells are special barbells that have a special vibration ideal for experiencing various sensual feelings. These barbells have a special heavy ball inside of the beads so it makes a resonance as the person moves. This is ideal for those who want to try something new and to give a bit of extra to their piercings. Rattlebells are generally used for enhancing sexual stimulation to nipples and genitalia but you may also use them in other ways. The vibrations feel great and are ideal for those who want to add something to their regular piercing jewelry pieces.

Rattlebells resemble regular barbells on the outside but the design is a bit different. Instead of plain balls (beads) on the end of the barbell, rattlebells have hollow beads. A heavy yet smaller ball is then inserted into the bead. This ball moves easily whenever the piercing is moved or manipulated. The heavy ball slams on the walls of the bead and sends resonating vibrations throughout the whole barbell. These vibrations then spread to the body and cause teasing and vibrating sesnations that are highly pleasurable. This is a great way to tease nipples, clitoris, penis or other sensitive spots. You may also use a rattlebell as your tongue jewelry and give your partner mind-blowing oral sex that they will never forget.