Rare Piercings

Rare piercings are those piercings that are not very common but still have some fans. Examples include nape piercing, tongue web piercing, Princess Albertina piercing, and many more. Unlike common piercings, rare piercings are more obscure so not all piercers have knowledge and experience about them. This is something you need to keep in mind if you wish to get a rare piercing. It is vital to find a piercer specialized in rare piercings and the specific piercing that you want to get. This is the only way to ensure safety and full satisfaction with your piercing. Rare piercings offer one great advantage over more common piercings: they are more unusual and original, which makes you stand out.

Rare piercings are typically those done on body parts that are not usually pierced. The most common spots for piercings are ears, lips, nose, eyebrow, tongue, navel, nipples and certain parts of genitalia. On the other hand, certain body parts, such as fingers, chin; chest or feet are not popular places to make a piercing. There is a reason for this: some body parts are better suited for piercings and can be pierced without much trouble. Other body parts pose more of a challenge, not just for performing a piercing but also for the healing or maintaining the piercing. Problems such as migration, rejection and infections are more common with rare piercings. It doesn’t mean that rare piercings never work but it is important to keep these issues in mind before you decide to get a rare piercing instead of a more common one.