Ragnar Piercing

Ragnar piercing is an ear piercing that is considered a deep snug piercing: it goes horizontally through the ear cartilage where the snug piercing would start and exits on the edge of the ear where the helix meets earlobe. This is a specific placement that produces a very striking effect. Ragnar piercing is positioned somewhat between a regular snug piercing and a transverse lobe piercing. Since Ragnar is basically a variant of a snug piercing it is not as popular as a regular snug but it does have many fans. One important thing to keep in mind about a Ragnar piercing is that it goes through a lot of cartilage and that is relatively long. It means that you need a very experienced piercer to perform it or else you are risking complications such as ear collapse and other issues. This is why it’s so important to find a piercer who is very experienced at performing Ragnar piercings.

The most common jewelry style for a Ragnar piercing is a straight barbell. While the piercing goes through a lot of tissue it is still a shorter piercing than an Industrial piercing. It means that you can use regular straight barbells for your Ragnar piercing and not the extra-long Industrial barbells. However, this will depend on your anatomy and the exact placement of the piercing so it is important to consult your piercer for the advice. It is also useful to opt for barbells made of flexible materials since they put less pressure on the tissue.