Pubic Piercing

Pubic piercing is a piercing done on the pubic area: in women, it is performed on the mons pubis and in men it is performed at the base of the penis. This is a very decorative piercing that can attract a lot of attention but typically doesn’t enhance sexual pleasure much, though some women claim that a man’s pubic piercing can nicely rub against the clitoris during sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, pubic piercings are very popular among both men and women. Since pubic piercings are surface piercings there is always a risk of rejection, migration and other problems. Those who wish to get this piercing need to understand these risks and know how to minimize potential problems.

Pubic piercing tends to heal very fast, in just 3 to 4 months. It is not a particularly complex piercing but it is important to take a good care of it in order to minimize the risk of migration, rejection and other problems. Typical jewelry for a pubic piercing is a straight barbell or a surface bar. Since the length of the mons pubis varies from person to person sometimes the jewelry needs to be custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. Custom jewelry also ensures fast healing and minimizes potential problems.