Prostate Stimulation

Prostate stimulation is a technique of stimulating one’s prostate gland for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Prostate is very sensitive and its stimulation can produce many powerful and pleasurable feelings. Many men who practice prostate stimulation claim that it is the most arousing and sexually pleasurable feeling one can get. Prostate stimulation can lead to very powerful, prolonged orgasms. Certain types of prostate stimulation, such as teasing and milking, can be used for BDSM activities and other kinky games. Since prostate stimulation is so powerful it is not surprising that there are so many people who practice it on a regular basis.

There are several ways to achieve prostate stimulation. The first one is through the anus, but this technique can stimulate the prostate only indirectly. The second one is more direct and it includes stimulating the prostate through the urethra. Anal prostate stimulation is more common and easier. It is achieved either by hand (with fingers inserted into the anus) or with specialized anal toys. These toys, known as Prostate Stimulators or P-spot massagers, can reach the prostate easily and produce pleasurable targeted stimulation for the P-spot. The other technique, urethral stimulation, is a more direct and intense but it requires more skill. It involves urethral sounding that is, inserting special toys into the urethra all the way down to the prostate. In order to be able to stimulate your P-spot this way you need to practice urethral play, to stretch your urethra and to use special urethral toys made to reach deep inside the urethra. These toys are known as longer urethral sounds. The most popular type of a urethral sound made for prostate stimulation is the Van Buren sound. These sounds have a curve that follows the natural curve of the urethra. The prostate can be stimulated by simply massaging it with the tip of a urethral toy or the toy can be inserted all the way into the prostate for a more extreme and intense experience.