Prostate Sounding

Prostate sounding is a form of urethral play that involves stimulation of the urethra. This is a type of deep urethral stimulation and it is reserved only for people with plenty of experience with urethral play. This is not something you should attempt as a beginner. However, experienced users find this type of stimulation very exciting because this is one of the rare ways to massage the prostate directly. Common type of prostate massage is done through the anus and, while exciting, it doesn’t touch the prostate directly. By inserting sounds deep into the urethra it is possible to reach the prostate for some targeted direct stimulation. Some men choose to only tease the opening of the prostate while others go one step further and insert a urethral toy into the prostate. This is very intense and can be extremely pleasurable so there are many people who like to experiment with prostate sounding.

As noted above, this type of deep urethral stimulation is reserved only for people with plenty of experience. In order to perform prostate sounding you need to have appropriate toys. A good urethral toy for prostate massage needs to be long enough to reach deep into the urethra. There are various types of urethral sounds made for this purpose. Generally speaking, Van Buren sounds are ideal for deep urethral stimulation because they have a curve that follows a natural curve of the urethra. However, there are many other types of urethral sounds you can use for safe and pleasurable prostate sounding.