Prostate Orgasm

Prostate orgasm is an orgasm achieved through the stimulation of the prostate. It brings somewhat different sensations than orgasm achieved through the stimulation of other erogenous zones so this is why it is so intriguing to some people. Prostate orgasm can be particularly intense and powerful so it is not surprising that there are many men who want to experience it. It is important to note that a prostate orgasm can be combined with other types of orgasms, for example, through the stimulation of both the prostate and the penis. Many people choose to incorporate prostate stimulation into their masturbation technique in order to enjoy a prostate orgasm. However, this is definitely not just a solo activity since it can be achieved through anal penetration or other types of couples’ activities.

There are two main ways to achieve a prostate orgasm: through anal stimulation of the prostate and through urethral stimulation. Anal stimulation is a more common and easier method. It is relatively easy to insert a finger or an anal toy into the anus for some targeted prostate stimulation. There are even specialized anal toys, called Prostate (or P-spot) massagers that are made for this purpose. The other way to reach the prostate for stimulation is through the urethra. This allows for a more direct and more intense experience. However, this method requires familiarity with urethral stimulation and urethral toys. These are a bit harder to learn than anal stimulation but it is worth it if you really want to have intense and powerful prostate orgasms.