Princess Albertina

Princess Albertina is a female genital piercing that is generally considered to be a female equivalent to the male Prince Albert (PA) piercing. While not as popular as PA piercing, Princess Albertina is a unique choice for women who like to stimulate their urethra. Just like a male PA piercing, Princess Albertina partially goes through the urethra so the jewelry can stimulate the urethral walls. This can be very pleasurable so Princess Albertina is considered a functional piercing. It goes through the urethra and exists at top of the vagina. It can stimulate various erogenous zones when the jewelry is inserted. Typical jewelry for Princess Albertina is a Captive Bead Ring, though some people choose to use other types of rings.

Keep in mind that Princess Albertina is a rare piercing so not all piercers will know how to perform it correctly. In order to stay safe and prevent trouble it is absolutely mandatory to find a piercer who is experienced with this type of piercing. Also, keep in mind that Princess Albertina increases the risk of urinary tract infections, though they do not always happen. It is important to take a good care of your piercing and to clean it properly, particularly during the healing time. This is the only way to prevent infections and other problems.