Princes Wand

Princes wand, also known as Prince Albert wand, is a urethral toy that can double as piercing jewelry. Prince’s wands can be longer or shorter but they typically have a shaft that goes into the urethra and a short stem that goes through a Prince Albert piercing. This is how this urethral toy got its name. In other words, those who wish to wear a Princes wand need to have a Prince Albert (PA) piercing or perhaps a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA) piercing. A lot depends on the placement of the short stem so it is not always possible to wear the same Prince’s wand in both types of piercing. What is important to remember is that Prince’s wands generally resemble a police nightstick. The Princes wand includes a larger ball on top that sticks out of the pee hole once the toy is inserted. This ball is removable to allow for urination and ejaculation.

There is also another type of Princes wand toys, the one that does not require the man to have a PA piercing. These Prince’s wands tend to be longer and can go deeper into the urethra. These toys generally do not have a shorter post for the PA piercing. It means that it is possible to use these Prince’s wands even if you don’t have a penis piercing. These Prince’s wands come in many different designs. Some are curved to allow for deep urethral stimulation. Others have a ribbed texture for a more pleasurable experience. There are many different models you can use. Before ordering a Prince’s wand, make sure to check if it’s a model with or without a post for a PA piercing so you know you are getting the right one.